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The Movement with Erin Stutland is the wellness experience that guides you in strengthening your mind, body, and soul ...anywhere, at any time.

Through a signature combination of uplifting workouts that both inspire and transform, energizing audio soundtracks with powerful mantras, and grounding meditations, The Movement membership gives you an ever-growing library of practical tools at your fingertips to design the life and body you want...and find unparalleled joy in the process. At home or on the go, The Movement’s daily programs will strengthen your muscles AND your mindset in as little as 5 minutes -- no matter who you are or where you are.

After today, two things will never be the same: 1. Your workout 2. You

Sweating can be fun. A long, lean body is never a bad side effect. But true wellness starts with self-love, respect, and worthiness. Joining The Movement gives you immediate access to the workouts, tools, and community that will holistically shift your body and your mindset as you begin to live your life with more:


Feel the energetic vibes long after you’ve raised your heart rate through on-demand cardio, cardio dance, and HIIT workouts.


Strengthen, tone, and sculpt your body to elevate your muscles right alongside your mindset.


Feel more at ease and stronger in your body with stretching, yoga, and restorative workouts and meditations. The life and body you want is closer than you might think ...and the journey to get there can be fun!

Give me energy, elevation, and ease!

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Dance into The Movement to experience what it’s like to treat your whole self

What you need: The willingness to show up exactly as you are -- even if it’s for 5 minutes. Solid ground -- and sneakers or bare feet to plant yourself on it. An open mind -- and a readiness to allow the life-altering changes you’ll undoubtedly welcome in.

As a member of The Movement, you’ll have unlimited access to all current and future programs on your favorite device...including my signature:

Movement in your body creates movement in your life

Hear it from women who’ve grown to own the fact that they’re happy, healthy, wealthy, and loved...

“The way Erin combines movement with positive affirmations has the unique ability to rewire your brain, reset your mood, boost your energy, and get your creative mojo flowing.”

- Kris Carr, Author and wellness activist

“Someone should warn you, Erin doesn’t just help you transform your body. She’ll help you transform your life! Shrink session is a full body and spirit makeover. Change has never felt so good!”

- Jessica Ortner, Author

“What I love about it your program is the holistic approach of it. The workout starts juicy and it ends juicy! The affirmations keep me going when I normally would give up. I love that it has kickboxing AND yoga AND HIIT AND strength training AND dance AND meditation all in one. I love that there are so many options for amounts of time cuz some days ain't no way I'm doing 45 mins!”

- Amber H.

“I cannot stress enough how amazing Erin's programs are. There's something for every mood, every feeling, every energy level. I am so grateful for the work Erin does.”

- Jennifer F.

In just one month -- or less -- you’ll be in awe of the person you’ve become

Each new day brings the opportunity to tone your body and train your mind -- and feel your energy and enthusiasm for your life, your family and yourself rise.

Your own personal movement starts here…


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